Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bailey's December Sale - thru 12/31/10

December Sale

Here at Bailey's Bibliomania Books, we've spoken with customers about the recession, and about their needs to find great gifts at great prices. We've come up with a solution here. We've decided to extend our 'Small Business Saturday' sale to the end of December!  That means:

Bailey's Bibliomania
Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE Sale extended through December

Bailey's Bibliomania offers good used books at 50-70% off either the cover price or the current value (such as for specialty or hard-to-find books). On top of that discount, you can purchase these books with our  'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' discount.

And don't forget: many of these books are fine gift quality.  We'll even put a gift card or custom-made bookmark in the gift book for free!

And if you can't decide which book you'd like, we offer gift certificates at 75% of the value of the certificate! Yes, that means you only pay $7.50 for a $10 gift certificate.

We also offer some new books, diaries or note books, bookmarks, cards, reading glasses, book lights, custom-designed canvas tote bags, mouse pads, large custom-designed magnets (great for office desks or the frig!), and postcards.

Also, American Express has also decided to extend their special through Christmas. This means that if you purchase $25 in products and pay with your American Express card, you'll get a credit on your bill for $25!  There is a link on our last blog post which takes you to the American Express website, where you'll need to register for this special.  Or just ask us in the store & we'll help you register for the $25 credit :-)

And if there are any books that we don't have, please know that you can always order books through us. We're always glad to help.

Have a great holiday season!

John & Mary Varner, & Bailey the beagle

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bailey's Sale Weekend! Get a $25 AMEX Credit!

Not only is Friday 'Black Friday', but Saturday is the first ever national "Small Business Saturday", and Bailey's Bibliomania Bookstore is taking part!

What's happening on Saturday?

First, we have a 'Buy 1, Get 1 FREE' special all weekend. And yes, that's after our previous discounts of up to 70% off on books. And many are like new! Come check it out.

Second, if you're an American Express Cardholder, you can get a $25 refund on your purchase! What do you have to do to get this? Well, you have to shop at a registered retailer that accepts American Express, which we are. Then, you have to go to their website to register your card. After that you'll get a $25 refund on your card for shopping with us!

Here's the link where you register:


Monday, August 23, 2010

Charles Neff Book Signing! New Book is
"Hard Cache"

Author Charles Neff will be selling and signing copies of his new book, "Hard Cache" at Bailey's! Here's the info:

Author: Charles Neff
Book: Hard Cache
Event: Book signing
Date: September 4, 2010
Time: 2 PM
Place: Bailey's Bibliomania Books, 312 N Main St., Ellensburg, WA


Buried Debts, Old-world Treasure and Murder Threaten Faith, Love and a Wedding in Washington’s Cascade Mountains

Hard Cache

SEATTLE – Hard Cache (Bennett & Hastings Publishing, September 2010) is the story of past mistakes and present reckoning, and of the horrible price that must sometimes be paid when guilty debts come due. Charles B. Neff’s new thriller is set in the Cascade Mountains of Central Washington, but the story is connected to an old wartime horror in faraway Afghanistan. Accelerating action surrounds a core of hope and love, and of very human efforts to achieve redemption.

Neither marriage nor murder is on Magnus Torval’s agenda when he and his fiancĂ©, Mariela, travel to a Cascade mountain town of Swiftwater, Washington. But the recently retired police officer soon finds himself swept up in the rip tides of both. Mariela’s spontaneous wedding plans and his own discovery of a fresh corpse make for an unholy combination that threatens to drown their happiness and to jail a beloved pastor whose fellow-believers fled religious persecution in Russia.

Along with a local policeman and a young Ukrainian woman, Magnus and Mariela are sucked into events that lead to upheaval for many and terror for some, exposing buried connections to art theft, organized crime and brutality during the Russian-Afghan War. Tributaries of memory and action, celebration and revenge, past and present, converge in a climactic confrontation deep in the mountains.

Hard Cache races readers through mounting incidents that force people to examine their commitments – past, present and future – in the light of unyielding reality.

About the Author
Charles B. Neff has been an administrator at four U.S. universities and has led international development projects in Colombia and Russia. He has authored books on cross-cultural learning and executive searches and has written three previous novels. Neff lives near Seattle, Washington. For more information, visit

# # #

Publication date: September 2010, Bennett & Hastings Publishing, LLC, 203 pp, paperback and e-book, ISBN 978-1-934733-57-8, $14.95, available through distributors, bookstores and Bennett & Hastings Publishing, LLC, is an independent press located in Seattle. For more information, please visit

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bailey's Bibliomania sells books online!

We currently sell book online at 3 different websites. Why three?  Well, different people like to make purchases from different sites, have accounts at different sites, or see more advertising from different sites. And we've found that we do sell books from every website as well.

Note: We have over 100,000 books in the store, and only a few thousand listed for sale online. So if you are looking for a particular book, and it's not listed online - just call or write to us! We've actually sold books to people who have called and asked. 

Our phone:  509-962-9195 (in the U.S.)

Our email:
Online bookstores 
(and books we offer for sale there (links take you to our online stores)

Also, we've updated our own website:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Website is updated! It now is viewable on all kinds of browsers, new & old. Let us know what you think!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soon to come!

Hello everyone!

We've been taking card of two online things.

1. We just attended a seminar about email lists/notifications today. Since we already have the
account set up, we'll later post a form on our website and on our Social Networking pages where anyone can sign up. We'll only send out one email per month, and one 'birthday present' on subscriber's birthdays. I'll post the link here soon!

2. We're updating the website. This is because the original site was not viewable in certain browsers. So we've been updating, testing, and re-testing, a new website. This site is viewable on all types of browsers, will have more photos, usability, easier for us to update, etc. Almost there!

The weather is warming here and Bailey wants to go for regular walks again as soon as this is done!

We'll keep you posted............

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Greetings from Ellensburg!


This is the very first blog post from Bailey's Bibliomania. Bailey's is the largest bookstore in Ellensburg, WA, featuring used and new books. Currently we offer over 100,000 books for sale inside our store. We also have thousands of books available for purchase online at 3 different international book websites.

Our store address:

Bailey's Bibliomania
312 N Main St.
Ellensburg, WA

web addresses:



Our Website (currently being rebuilt - we'll announce the new launch here)

For the next post we'll post the links for online bookstores. We sell books at Amazon, Alibris, & Abe Books.

Also, we have over 100,000 printed items for sale in the store, which include: bookmarks, notecards, birth announcements, mousepads, postcards, colorful magnets, tote bags, and more! We also sell book-related items, such as book covers and reading lights.

We try to make the store very comfortable for all. We offer free coffee & tea, and also cold refreshments. There are a number of comfortable couches, chairs, a fireplace, and large windows. And we have free Wi-Fi!!! There are also additional seating areas with padded seats and large tables.

We'll see you there :-)

John and Mary Varner
(and Bailey the beagle)

Bailey's Bibliomania